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What Are The Benefits To Stand Up Tanning Beds?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Stand Up Tanning Bed Benefits

Are you starting your indoor tanning adventure and wondering what the benefits of stand-up tanning are? Or maybe you’ve always used a lay down tanning bed, and are curious about stand up tanning beds?

Read on to find out the many benefits of stand up tanning booths!

Quick Tanning Sessions

Stand up tanning usually has more intense bulbs, resulting in a session that lasts about 12 minutes. This is ideal for those who are seeking a quicker tan.

At Island Globe Tan, the Sundash Radius 252 is a 200 watt stand up bed with a maximum tanning time of twelve minutes. This is the strongest tanning bed in the salon and gets you incredible results.


Stand up beds require you to stand for your allotted session. Back problems? A stand-up bed may be the better option for you. Horizontal tanning requires lying down on acrylic, which can be hard on the body. Not a fan of small spaces? Though stand up tanning still surrounds you while you tan, it’s more open, so you don’t feel confined.


Stand up Beds remove pressure points because you can stand holding bars inside the booth. UV lights can hit all surfaces of your skin, so there are no white circles on your body, or uneven sides and underarms. You can raise your arms or re-position to make sure you are getting tanned everywhere.


Although stand up tanning typically yields higher wattage bulbs, because you’re standing, air can circulate evenly around your entire body from the ceiling fan. You won’t feel sweaty after your session. There is no need to towel off, redo hair, or redo makeup, just get dressed and go on with your busy day!

Are you ready to get a bronzed, beautiful glow?

Come visit us at Island Globe Tan today!

We have low intensity tanning beds, medium intensity beds, and high intensity tanning beds to choose from as well as 3 sunless spray options!

We guarantee top quality indoor tanning sessions, premium skincare products, and well-educated tanning consultants.

Come see us today for the best tanning experience in Spokane, WA!

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