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What Sets Island Globe Tan Apart 

Hospitality is creating an experience for a client versus a transaction. It is treating every client and employee that walks through your doors like Kings and Queens and serving them like they are in your home and welcome to come back as often as they wish. Island Globe Tan is a 5-star tanning salon that offers complimentary amenities that no other tanning salon in Spokane offers including fantastic promotions, water, coffee, cookies, and nutritional protein bars. Hospitality is generosity. Clients will find everything they need to have a great tanning experience in every room. From stellar quality tanning beds to facial wipes, stickers, body spray, hair ties, towels and goggles it is our top priority to ensure that every experience a client has at Island Globe Tan exceeds all expectations. We provide a genuine love for taking care of people and their skin. Therefore, we educate ourselves extensively on the human skin and tanning process and all our team members are smart tan certified. Hospitality is truly understanding that the client is everything to the business and without them, you wouldn’t be.

We are the only tanning salon in the state of Washington to be Internationally recognized by SmartTan, the industry leaders of training and education in safe tanning.

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