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Sunless Spray Tanning

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Versa Spa

Sunless Spray

Our Versa Spa sunless spray booth gives you incredible results. Equipped with two spray nozzle, a heater, dryer, and three levels of color you're definitely in for a real treat with this option. Choose between a clear option or bronzing solution for more instant results.

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Mystic Spray

Sunless Spray

Our Mystic Spray booth is one of the original machines at Island Globe Tan. Choose between light, medium, or a dark solution and add a single or triple bronzer to customize the perfect tan for your skin tone. Our highly trained staff will help you chose the perfect combination of color for your desired outcome.

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Sunless Spray

Norvell is the original creator of sunless tanning and our longest lasting sunless spray tanning option at Island Globe Tan. We have several different options and shades to choose from. Our highly trained technicians will walk you through and develop the perfect solution for you during your session. Choose between a regular spray or fast spray that will develop within one hour.
At Island Globe Tan we include it all; a pre exfoliating x mitt, PH balancing spray, and and an after tan spray for one low price. 
You will certainly be glad you chose Norvell when you see the breathtaking results.

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