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Hempz is one of the best products you could treat your skin too. Formulated with 100% pure hemp seed oil this line helps open up your pores and frees it the radicals which clog your pores throughout the day.
Choose a bronzing lotion for more instant gratification or a hypoallergenic option if you have sensitive skin. Hempz everyday moisturizers are a great option to help keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and in between tanning sessions.

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Devoted Creations

Devoted Creations is your best option for a tanning lotion if you are susceptible to burning easily in sunlight.

This lotion lines first ingredient is Aloe, which means the majority of the product is designed to cool your skin while you tan.

Aloe is a tropical medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years to treat skin conditions, such as wounds and burns. Aloe is so effective at soothing easily burned skin or over exposed skin due to sunlight. 

 All of Devoted Creations product line is cruelty free towards animals.