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Why Spray Tans Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Do you have an event coming up, or just want a gorgeous glow because it’s a Monday? You deserve to treat yourself to a spray tan any day of the week, for no particular reason at all. It will add a pizzazz to your look, and make you feel great. While you’re at it, get your hair done, treat yourself to a mani/pedi, and buy yourself a new outfit!

Here are a few reasons why spray tans are great for any occasion.

Covers Up Blemishes

Do you have areas of your body that you wish were camouflaged? Spray tanning helps because any blemishes on your body will blend in with your new deepened, darkened tan.

Skin Tone

Spray tans help even out tan lines, texture, sun spots, and uneven complexions. With customizable shades, you can get the perfect color for your skin!!

Quick Application

You can be in and out of a spray tan appointment in under a half hour. Automated booths are incredibly fast, and work for even the busiest of lifestyles. Is a custom airbrush spray tan more of your style? Those only take a quick 30 minutes as well!

Instant Results

Spray tanning provides an instant tan. UV indoor tanning or tanning in the sun requires exposure over multiple sessions. Get a beautiful, bronzed glow in one single session!


Spray tans are foolproof. Take off your clothes, hop in the automated booth, and follow the voice prompts. Turn a few times throughout the session when asked, waiting for the solution to spray up and down your body each turn. A couple drying cycles occur, and then you’re all finished! It’s that easy!

Healthy, Smooth, Toned Look

A spray tan can make you look healthy and more toned, as some solutions have firming ingredients built into them. Your skin will look less tired, and minimize cellulite appearance.

Treat yourself to a spray tan!

Ask us about our Mystic spray tan booth, our VersaSpa spray booth, or our Norvell Custom Airbrush!

We also have low intensity tanning beds, medium intensity tanning beds, and high intensity tanning beds at our tanning salon!

We guarantee top quality indoor tanning sessions, premium skincare products, and well-educated tanning consultants.

Come see us at Island Globe Tan today for the best tanning experience in Spokane, WA!

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