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How To Maximize Your Results When Using An Indoor Tanning Bed

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

How to maximize your results when using a tanning bed

Taking care of your skin before and after your indoor tanning session will help you achieve a quicker tan. Here are some pre-tan and post-tan tips.


Exfoliate your skin before getting in an indoor tanning bed. Gently scrub in the shower using a sponge or loofah. This helps UV rays penetrate your skin more effectively because it’s clear of any dirt or dead skin cells.

Get Advice From A Smart-Tan Certified Consultant

Make sure the tanning consultants at your tanning salon are smart-tan certified. This is a certification that allows individuals to become formally trained to understand exposure schedules, focus on indoor tanning safety, and teach clients how to avoid overexposure. A Smart-Tan certified tanning consultant can provide guidance on appropriate tanning session lengths and frequencies depending on your skin type and other variables you may mention.

Apply Lotion

There are a variety of indoor tanning lotions available to purchase. Not only will it react to your skin to stimulate melanin production and give you a deep, dark tan; but indoor tanning lotions are loaded with incredible moisturizers. Hydrated skin will absorb UV light during your indoor tanning session, helping you achieve a deeper, darker tan in less time.

(Bonus-use a tan extender lotion after your session for even MORE moisture!)

Did you use a bronzing lotion before your indoor tanning session? Some bronzing lotions have ingredients that need to develop for a few hours after your session so they can fully set on the skin. Ask a tanning consultant at your tanning salon to see if your product contains any of these ingredients so that you can maximize your results!

Stay Hydrated

Remember that moisturizing doesn't equal hydrating. Exposure to UV rays, whether it's the sun or indoor tanning, will naturally dehydrate your body. Drinking plenty of water will help maintain healthy skin and prevent flakiness.

Move Your Body

Rotate your positions when in the tanning bed. This will make sure that the UV rays can penetrate every area of your body, giving you an even tan. Notice your sides are a little lighter than the rest of your body? Use a stand up tanning bed once to help even those areas out.

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