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What is Cocktail Tanning?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Are you looking to get an instant, dark tan? Try cocktail tanning! This doesn't involve a yummy drink, but we wish it did! The process first starts with tanning in a UV tanning bed, followed by a sunless spray tan. During your tanning bed session, the UV rays will activate melanin production and open up your pores. Your sunless spray session will follow, and because your pores are open from your UV tanning session, the sunless spray solution can soak into your skin. This will give you an incredibly deep, dark, long-lasting tan!

When you use this method of tanning, always make sure to use an indoor tanning lotion specifically designed for cocktail tanning. Most indoor tanning lotions contain silicone, which will clog your pores. Cocktail tanning lotions don’t have this ingredient, which allows for complete sunless solution absorption! Ask us today about the cocktail tanning lotions that we have at the salon!

Come into Island Globe tan today and let’s get you set up with a cocktail tanning package!

We have low intensity tanning beds, medium intensity beds, and high intensity tanning beds to choose from as well as 3 sunless spray options!

Ask us about our Mystic spray tan booth, our VersaSpa spray booth, or our Norvell Custom Airbrush!

We guarantee top quality indoor tanning sessions, premium skincare products, and well-educated tanning consultants.

Come see us today for the best tanning experience in Spokane, WA!

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