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What are Tan Extender Lotions?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Are you trying to find ways to make your tan last as long as possible? Pick up a tan extender next time you’re at your tanning salon! At Island Globe Tan, we have several tan extenders to choose from! Let us help you pick out the perfect one for your skin!

Tan extenders are lotions specially designed to maximize the lifespan of your tan. They are LOADED with moisturizing nutrients, essential oils, and vitamins that you tend to lose during your indoor tanning sessions. Skin that is moisturized and healthy will hold a tan much longer.

When Should You Use It?

After every indoor tanning session, you should apply a tan extender afterwards. You can also apply it after a shower. Regardless of your skin type or how far along in the tanning process you are, a tan extender is always a good idea.

Do You Need Tanning Lotion AND a Tan Extender?

Think of a tanning lotion and tan extender like a shampoo and conditioner combination for your hair. Both have individual purposes, but should be used together for optimal results. A tanning lotion will serve a great purpose while you’re in a tanning bed, giving you 70% better color development during your visit when you use it. A tan extender will help lock in your color after your tanning session, conditioning your skin until your next appointment. You may already have a moisturizer or body wash at home that you love, but they don’t have the special ingredients that tan extenders provide specifically for UV tanners and spray tanners.

Are you ready to get a bronzed, beautiful glow?

Come visit us at Island Globe Tan today!

We have low intensity tanning beds, medium intensity beds, and high intensity tanning beds to choose from as well as 3 sunless spray options!

Ask us about our Mystic spray tan booth, our VersaSpa spray booth, or our Norvell Custom Airbrush!

We guarantee top quality indoor tanning sessions, premium skincare products, and well-educated tanning consultants.

Come see us today for the best tanning experience in Spokane, WA!

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