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Tips For Sunburn Relief

Tips For Sunburn Relief

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. If it gets too much sun without protection from sunscreen and clothing, you could face some serious discomfort. Begin treating a sunburn as soon as you realize you have one. Get out of the sun as soon as possible and follow these tips for sunburn relief.

Aloe Vera

Use a moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera. You can also apply an ointment cream called hydrocortisone, sold over the counter. This ointment can help with particularly sunburnt areas.

Aspirin Or Ibuprofen

These over-the-counter medications will help with inflammation, redness, and discomfort.

Stay Hydrated

A sunburn will draw fluid away from the rest of your body to the skin’s surface. Drink plenty of water to prevent this, keeping your entire body hydrated.

Take Cold Showers

This will help relieve pain caused by the sunburn. Leave a little water on your skin when you’re done showering or bathing, and apply a moisturizer after. This can help with dry skin. Leave Blisters Alone

If your skin is blistering, it’s a sign you have a second-degree burn. Whatever you do, refrain from touching or popping the blisters. Blisters form to protect you from infection and help your skin heal properly. If one breaks, clean it with mild soap and water.

Stay Out Of The Sun

Stay out of direct sunlight until your sunburn has healed completely. Your skin is extremely vulnerable and susceptible to infection, and further rays on your skin could cause a delay in healing or make the existing burn worse.

There are circumstances where the burn is severe enough that you may have to consult a doctor. For more questions about sunburns and how to better protect your skin when outdoors, see your doctor or dermatologist.

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