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Do You Need To Wear An Indoor Tanning Lotion In A Tanning Bed?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Using an indoor tanning lotion is a must when tanning. It plays a key role in achieving maximum results. Here are several reasons why you should apply an indoor tanning lotion before using a tanning bed.

Please make sure you're using a tanning lotion specially formulated for indoor tanning. Any other kind of tanning lotion will damage the acrylic in tanning beds.

Moisturized Skin

Tanning can dry out your skin. Hydrated skin will absorb UV light during your indoor tanning session, helping you achieve a deeper, darker tan in less time. Tanning lotions are formulated with incredible moisturizers that will help your skin so it doesn’t dry out from the heat and light in tanning beds.

Maximum Color Development

When you use a tanning lotion, your skin is moisturized and absorbs UV rays in the tanning bed, maximizing your tanning session by 70%.

Tanning lotions include a variety of ingredients that help stimulate the melanin in your skin, giving you a deeper, darker tan.

Slows Aging

Indoor Tanning Lotions have ingredients that are packed with skin-firming essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients that nourish your skin. Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with specially-formulated anti-aging tanning lotions!

Burn Prevention

Tanning lotions contain ingredients that aid in protecting your skin while you UV tan!

Eliminate That “After Tan” Odor

When you tan, bacteria that lie on the surface of your skin gets hot, producing an “after tan” smell. Most tanning lotions are formulated with an antibacterial ingredient that will help eliminate that odor. This ingredient, combined with a fragrance, will leave you with a pleasant smell on your skin post-tan.

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