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Versa Spa or Mystic Booth - 10 Premium Sessions

Versa Spa or Mystic Booth - 10 Premium Sessions


Enjoy ten sessions in either our versa spa or mystic spray tanning booths. 

We will walk you through and customize your perfect color during your salon appointment.  Our sessions are all inclusive and come with light, medium, or dark tanning solution, feet & hair protection, and barrier cream at no additional charge. You can also enjoy an added moisturizer and primer packet in the versa spa and add a bronzer to either option complimentary. Our Mystic booth also includes a scent

  • Session packages do not expire.

    All session packages purchased are shareable with a spouse or loved one. 


  • 8.9% Sales Tax

    A 8.9% sales tax has been added to the base price of this tanning package.

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