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Norvell Deluxe Airbrush - 5 Sessions

Norvell Deluxe Airbrush - 5 Sessions


Enjoy 5 deluxe custom spray tans for a discounted rate. Our deluxe spray tanning airbrush option includes a longer lasting tan that develops within 3 hours. You will enjoy a premium exfoliating mitt with charcol and coffee bean extract to help dexofiy your pours, your choice of collogen drops, hydration drops, additional DHA for a darker tan, vitamin drops, post tan shower cleanser, and tan extending moisturizer. 

Norvell is the original creator of sunless and their product is simply superior over all other things sunless. At Island Globe Tan our premium and deluxe airbushes always include Norvells pre-exfoliating mits, a warm towell for hydration, feet & hair protection, barrier cream, ph-balancing spray, and an after tan post spray to achieve ultimate results for one low price. 

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