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Devoted Creations - H.I.M Gold

Devoted Creations - H.I.M Gold

  • Lightweight lotion 

  • Sensitive skin and body deodorizing formula

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil- Hydrates the skin for better, longer lasting results.

  • Tamanu Oil- aiding in wrinkle reducing and blemish fighting. Also helps to moisturize dry skin and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

  • FreshTek- No after tan odor

  • SunXtend- extends the life of your tan

  • AcquaCell- Rapid fine line and wrinkle reducer

  • Tattoo and Colorfade Protection

  • Various accelerators for better results and longer lasting tan.


  • Devoted Creations Lotion

  • 8.9% Sales Tax

    A 8.9% sales tax has been added to the base price of this lotion.